RJ Paper Pte Ltd  

— Rebranding and Identity 2018


“We are the trusted partner for thousands of designers, creators, artists and makers since 1987. It’s part of our mission to continue doing that so don’t hesitate to approach us for help. It’ll give us great joy to join you on your journey.” — RJ Paper

The objective of the project was to future-proof RJ Paper and to make sure the brand stayed relevant especially in a overly digital age.

The strategy was to amplify RJ Paper’s love and support for the creatives by actively engaging customers both new and existing. With this in mind, RJ’s whole brand mission is to provide exceptional services and materials to help materialise dreams. They would always play the support role, as a canvas to hold more important subjects. To do their best to nurture creatives by fostering connections and opportunities and provide advisory and quality offerings. 

This Project was done under Somewhere Else.
Tags: Branding and Identity, Graphic Design, Art Direction, Logo

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